Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Consider Croatia For Your Next Holiday

Travelling to the Adriatic can be both an affordable and exciting travel experience as countries like Croatia and Montenegro have gained significant exposure as tourist hot spots. The popularity of Croatia is due to a mix of eastern and western European culture, beautiful Mediterranean beaches and old world charm at an affordable rate. To most travelers, the cost of accommodation can be one of the most important factors in planning their next destination and Croatia provides both cost effective and quality hotels, holiday apartments and camping facilities.

Croatia is a small country located in south central Europe known for its picturesque landscape of rolling hills, dense forested mountains and beautiful beaches set along the rocky coastline of the Adriatic sea. A rich eastern European culture combined with first world facilities and infrastructure, Croatia is an affordable holiday destination compared to many other European countries. Croatia is easily accessible through land, sea or air and any traveler through Europe would be missing a gem of a destination by bypassing this small coastal country. Croatia is growing as a popular destination offering tours to surrounding islands, water sports and hiking through nature with camping facilities for the more adventurous traveler. Modern facilities like bars, clubs and a restaurants providing a mixture of food, wine and entertainment Croatian style is spread throughout the larger cities and smaller towns.

A Croatian holiday can be an affordable travel experience with a range of accommodation options available. Affordable accommodation in Croatia is easily accessible depending on your individual requirements. From private holiday apartments to affordable, good quality hotels and camping facilities, Croatia has the range of accommodation options to suit your budget and travel needs. Croatian hotels match the standards of their western European counterparts and even budget accommodation provides old world charm with modern amenities. It is advisable to consult with a reputable website to research your accommodation options and arrange suitable facilities as per your travel needs.

An enjoyable holiday is a combination of beautiful scenery, good travel and accommodation facilities and the food, wine and people to enrich your travel experience. Croatia is just such a destination offering the discerning traveler a range of options to match their holiday expectations.

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