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Luxury Superyacht Charters in the West Mediterranean - Where to Take a Yacht Charter Holiday!

A superyacht charter is about doing things your way and having the world at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless from the performance sailing yachts to the megayachts, available for a large family or corporate charter or an intimate romantic cruise covering the four corners of the globe. Luxury yacht charter destinations include popular cruising grounds of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, to the sandy shores of the Maldives, Seychelles and Thailand the variety of destinations is matched only by the variety of styles of charter available. So why choose the Mediterranean? Simply because there is so much on offer and so much to see. WEST MEDITERRANEAN The turquoise waters and colourful coastlines of the West Mediterranean provide a hugely diverse cruising ground for those who enjoy the finer things in life. There is something to suit everyone. Glamorous resorts, charming, historic villages with winding streets, traditional restaurants and stunning architecture, breathtaking vistas, superb cuisine, temperate climes and colourful sunsets are just a few of the many sights and emotions that you can discover and experience in the West Mediterranean. French Riviera, Corsica & Sardinia

The French Riviera is notorious for its sophisticated, jet-set resorts, where guests mingle with the stars, relish culinary masterpieces in world renowned gourmet restaurants and embark on shopping experiences like never before in the legendary designer boutiques. St Tropez transforms into a summer playground for the jet set, who flock to "see and be seen" in one of the A-list clubs or private beaches. Cannes and Monaco come to life during the Film Festival and Formula 1 Grand Prix in May and are both recognized as premier retail, dining and entertainment destinations. La Croisette, le Palais des Festivals and the Monte Carlo Place du Casino are famous the world over. All of this with idyllic retreats and peaceful islands nearby where you can escape the hustle and bustle and explore at a slower pace or recharge your batteries if you prefer. Secluded bays and hilltop villages add to the multi-faceted and undisputable appeal of the French Riviera.

The kilometres of totally unspoilt, rugged coastlines of Corsica and Sardinia offer yet another contrasting choice of destinations to explore and discover. Nature-lovers and those in search of a truly authentic taste of the Mediterranean can take sanctuary here. Both islands have a unique culture and history, steeped with French and Italian charm. You will find the perfect combination of glitz and nature in Sardinia. The Costa Smeralda in the north is home to the rich and famous whilst the southern part of the island offers a multitude of secluded anchorages and wild beaches.

The Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Adriatic Turquoise waters, fashionable eateries, an abundance of history, culture and breathtaking scenery summarizes only some of the sights that will stimulate the senses as you cruise this part of the Mediterranean. From Portofino to Naples and Capri and on to the Aeolian Islands and Sicily it would take a lifetime to explore and absorb all that is on offer. Often called the "pearl of the Riviera", the tiny fishing village of Portofino is best known for its chic boutiques and beachside cliffs speckled with pastel-coloured villas and is a favourite stopping point for yachts. South of Naples, the Amalfi coastline is a place of rare and incredible Italian beauty, best explored by sea. Ischia is known as "the island of well being", famous for its thermal springs and therapeutic spas. The fashionable island of Capri is a great spot to enjoy daytime watersports whilst the picturesque town of Positano rising above the volcanic sand beaches is a must for seafood dining. Visit Stromboli en-route for Sicily and watch the natural fireworks of volcanic activity under the stars. The rugged island of Sicily blends volcanoes, castles and beaches with striking cliffs.

The Adriatic is hugely rich in culture and tradition, with ancient ruins, spectacular churches and medieval villages scattered along the coastlines. Venice provides a romantic and historical start or finish to any Adriatic charter. Croatia is a country of exceptional natural beauty with over a thousand stunning islands to cruise, still crystal waters ideal for watersports and diving and a backdrop of rugged mountains and ancient Roman architecture, which create a breath-taking panorama. There is a magical and mysterious feeling that is difficult to match and impossible to forget.

Dubrovnik - Jewel of the Adriatic

The ancient city of Dubrovnik on the southern coast of Croatia is known by many as the Jewel of the Adriatic. A recognised UNESCO World Heritage site, the city and its many islands attract tourists from all over the world.

Dubrovnik is a port town that has a rich maritime history, the walled city has retained much of the Croat traditions, with the city's Old Town remaining unchanged since the 13th century.

A popular destination for those looking to take in the beauty of the Balkan countryside and to explore a city steeped in history. Flights to Dubrovnik have become more widely available from more UK airports and with more hotels in Dubrovnik having been built in recent times, many more of us are choosing to head to the Balkan states in search of sun, sea and sand.

When visiting old Dubrovnik, you pass through one of four city gates, including the famous Pile Gate, the defensive walls stretch for over two kilometres around the city. Within these walls lie a city steeped in history, with hotels and cafes nestled in amongst the ancient churches and monasteries.

One of the centrepieces of Dubrovnik old town is the Onofrio Fountain, as well as variety of monasteries and churches. The city centre plays host to the annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival - which showcases films, theatre performances and musical events from local and national artists. The festival helps attract thousands of visitors to the region each year. It is advisable to book hotels early and assure that you've allowed plenty of time to book your flights.

The coastal location of Dubrovnik make it a perfect destination for those seeking to participate in extreme sports - such as mountain biking and watersports. Indeed, the surrounding mountains are a popular haven for hikers and cross-country cyclists, allowing the chance to take in the beauty of the Croatian countryside whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside.

The region is also popular with diving enthusiasts, with a variety of coral reefs and wrecks to be found off the coast, with many not having been discovered as of yet. Sailing and boat tours are also another draw for tourists who are looking to experience the crystal clear waters, and local restaurants and offer the chance to sample the taste of the ocean with locally caught fish.

If you're looking to holiday to the region, it can be worth taking the time to compare hotels and plan your Croatian experience in advance. So whether you're looking to take walks into the surrounding countryside or simply relax by the beach, there's something for everyone in the city that was once described as 'enchanting' by George Bernard Shaw and many others.

Consider Croatia For Your Next Holiday

Travelling to the Adriatic can be both an affordable and exciting travel experience as countries like Croatia and Montenegro have gained significant exposure as tourist hot spots. The popularity of Croatia is due to a mix of eastern and western European culture, beautiful Mediterranean beaches and old world charm at an affordable rate. To most travelers, the cost of accommodation can be one of the most important factors in planning their next destination and Croatia provides both cost effective and quality hotels, holiday apartments and camping facilities.

Croatia is a small country located in south central Europe known for its picturesque landscape of rolling hills, dense forested mountains and beautiful beaches set along the rocky coastline of the Adriatic sea. A rich eastern European culture combined with first world facilities and infrastructure, Croatia is an affordable holiday destination compared to many other European countries. Croatia is easily accessible through land, sea or air and any traveler through Europe would be missing a gem of a destination by bypassing this small coastal country. Croatia is growing as a popular destination offering tours to surrounding islands, water sports and hiking through nature with camping facilities for the more adventurous traveler. Modern facilities like bars, clubs and a restaurants providing a mixture of food, wine and entertainment Croatian style is spread throughout the larger cities and smaller towns.

A Croatian holiday can be an affordable travel experience with a range of accommodation options available. Affordable accommodation in Croatia is easily accessible depending on your individual requirements. From private holiday apartments to affordable, good quality hotels and camping facilities, Croatia has the range of accommodation options to suit your budget and travel needs. Croatian hotels match the standards of their western European counterparts and even budget accommodation provides old world charm with modern amenities. It is advisable to consult with a reputable website to research your accommodation options and arrange suitable facilities as per your travel needs.

An enjoyable holiday is a combination of beautiful scenery, good travel and accommodation facilities and the food, wine and people to enrich your travel experience. Croatia is just such a destination offering the discerning traveler a range of options to match their holiday expectations.